Ali sepehr is a Founder/Creative Architect at AliSepehrCA & Arena Team 
He started his career and training courses while he was studying architecture at university. 
After working individually he became able to register  
- Thelma Luxury residential in East 16th st , north allameh st ,  
Saadat Abad , Tehran , Iran 
- Almas saAdat Abad , morvarid st , north motahari st , Darya Blvd ,  
saadat Abad , Tehran , iran  
- mahour , Darya Blvd , Saadat Abad , Tehran , Iran 
- Moroco restaurant, 6th street , Imamzade Blvd , north isargaran st ,  
SaAdat Abad , Tehran iran  
And so on. 
He has aimed to go further and not to stand invariably so he decided to expand his  
pursuit to idea development, designing and even counseling following his experiences;  
for instance through the art of listening, seeing and discerning he can find out some  
points such as positive points, abilities, needs and also shortages in working and  
architectural system and solve them in order to raise efficiency. Although this team  
essential activity is on architectural axis, with considering architecture as a wild way  
we have other extraordinary activities. The principles of this team are based on training;  
it means in addition architectural techniques, designing, colorology and so on, We teach  
team members observing justice and creating trust. This axis contributes to the growth  
of values, in order to create the future, in addition to having a good today; So we put  
human values as the the fundamental purpose of setting up this job with high qualities. 
On the other hand, due to the weather conditions and environment structure, protection  
of the environment is one of our work orders and we are working alongside it. Sustainable  
designing, using recyclable resources and even selecting the least damaging materials are our policy.

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